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Omega Dawg



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About Omega Dawg

Rise and shine with a strain that will help you get through the day with a smile on your face. Bred by Alphakronik Genes, Omega Dawg crosses Space Queen with Chemdawg for a bold strain that’s relaxing yet functional. If nothing else, the sharp flavors of this balanced hybrid will be enough to get you out of bed.

Knowing your limits is important in many aspects of life, and it’s super important before you smoke this strain. Coming in at 25% THC, a little goes a long way. Perhaps that’s why it tastes like skunk, earth, and pine, letting you only enjoy a little bit before saying ‘that’s enough.’ Omega Dawg buds are just as in your face, with a neon green shade that’s complemented by bright orange hairs. Trichomes are chunky and white, giving each nug a beautiful shine.

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