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About Strawpicanna

Strawpicanna is a festively named strain with a powerful THC load by Oni Seed Company, the same folks who created sweet heavy hitters like Tropicana Cookies. In fact, they took Tropicana and mixed it with Strawnanna to create this balanced 50/50 (Indica/Sativa) hybrid. Cannabis lovers flock to its fruity flavors and effects, which induce focused creativity and euphoria without causing distraction or sedation. Continue reading to learn about the terpene profile and uses of Strawpicanna, which can be a great way to hit that sweet spot, provided you can handle it.

The strain’s flavor profile is determined by a dominant dose of the terpene Limonene, which imparts fruity, sweet citrus flavors and aromas. Other terpenes in the mix include Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Myrcene, which give the strain hints of peppery, herbal, and pine-like flavors and scents. The Strawpicanna flavor begins as a fruit-obsessed blast of sweet bliss with a predictable dose of strawberries and a scent of cream. Under the surface, dank pine and herbal-lemon notes come through, especially on the exhale.

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