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Tom Ford Pink



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This is not a wake and bake strain but rather a rest and relax one. If you're looking to be couch-locked for the evening followed by a death-like slumber, then Tom Ford Pink Kush is for you.

When enjoying Tom Ford Pink Kush, you will be washed over with deep relaxation where the Indica word-play 'in-da-couch' takes on literal meaning. The high starts off with a cerebral euphoria that lends itself to a complete body melt. Ashy purples of its nugs contrast nicely against jade greens and slender auburn pistils. Iced in trichomes and resinous to the touch while the cure and trim are spot on

It is also worth noting that due to its high potency and effects, the Tom Ford Pink Kush provides medical-level pain relieving qualities that are immediate and long lasting.

Intriguingly, "TFPK" has mysterious Canadian origins and where it is grown exactly is not currently public knowledge. All that is affirmed is that this strains genetics derive from Pink Kush and other indica plants.

THC Content25% - 31%
HybridIndica-Dominant (80:20)
BreederUnknown. From Pemberton BC
ParentsUnknown combination of Indica strains with Pink Kush
Aroma/Tastecitrus, honey, sour, sweet with woody, earthy and herbal undertones
Helps with:Pain, chronic anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue
Potential Side EffectsParanoia, dry mouth and eyes
Fun FactsOne of the strongest Indica-dominant strains on the planet


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